About us

Our founders share over 45 years in the automotive space and knew the time was right to introduce a technology platform that created stronger connections and promoted new ones. Don’t think of us as a digital appraisal system, this is only part of the picture, we are the only appraisal system that saves you money and helps you make more money with more buying opportunities. How do we do this?

We have teamed up with industry experts and a possy of the most skilled technologists in the country to design products that are built from scratch - specifically for the automotive industry. To ensure we could constantly evolve and improve we made these skilled technologists a bona fide part of our business.

Our System allows; dealerships to make more money and save money, promote connections and create new ones, increased efficiency of the appraisal process, real time KPI’s into dealerships, dashboard reporting tools that allow new measures to be implemented, all available in the palm of your hands. Welcome to iAppraise.


All appraisal and trade information will be kept in one central location, forever, in the cloud.

Automated data population form vin data, helps eliminate user error.

Desktop dashboard reporting.

The missing link between dealers and wholesalers.

We haven't reinvented the wheel — but we have made that wheel spin a lot faster.

Seamless alerts and calls to action via push notifications.

Not just a digital appraisal system, we facilitate connections and promote new ones when required.

Real time trackable data that allows new management KPI’s.

Complete an appraisal in under 5 minutes.

Improved turnaround time for clients having their vehicle appraised.

Increased transparency by providing photos for management and wholesalers.

Significantly decreases time required on the phone to locate a buyer and negotiate price.

Vehicles can be appraised, sold and purchased anywhere, anytime.

How it began

Our founders have been involved in the car industry for 35 years and they felt the time was right to introduce a technology solution that reduced bounce backs, increased transparency for both dealer & wholesaler, increased efficiency of the appraisal process, provided real time KPI’s into dealerships and made this all available in the palm of your hand, welcome to iAppraise.